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Can a Consumer Find Your Product Easily?



Monitor and measure the digital shelf performance of your brand vis-à-vis the competition to measure the percentage of product discoverability based on keywords. Find customer-engaging insights and methods to get ahead of your competition. 

Position and Page Analysis

Monitor your brand's search rank performance versus the top competitors to understand whether the competitor is outbidding you on brand keywords or your product listings have no visibility in the top three pages and top ten results. 

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Pricing and Discount Analysis

Measure the highest/lowest prices and discounts of your brand’s product listings versus the competition to detect market trends, change in price across variants, platform-wise price distribution, etc.

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Share of Sponsored Listings

Reveal the discoverability of your sponsored listings on eCommerce platforms vis-à-vis the competition to detect the brands bidding highest on your chosen keywords. Find out the percentage of your sponsored listings versus the competition across eCommerce platforms. 

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