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Exec Compliance and Brand Safety

Are your norms being followed?

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Perfect Page Benchmarking

Analyze the title, product description, bullet points, reviews, etc., for your brand as well as for the competition. Curate in-depth insights at the category, sub-category, brand, sub-brand, and other levels. Lower cart abandonment rate on eCommerce platforms by using data-driven insights.

Identifying MAP Violations

The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is often violated across eCommerce platforms by third-party and unauthorized sellers. Monitoring such instances through real-time alerts enables brands to report such sellers on the platforms, maintain price parity, diminish the sale of counterfeit/duplicate products, maintain the visibility of authorized seller listings, etc.

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Best Seller Page Analysis & A+ Content

Identify the brands dominating the best-seller page of eCommerce platforms with higher click-through rates, add-to-cart actions, and conversions/sales for their product listings. Compare the scores with competitors to detect the popularity of your brand. Evaluate your brand’s rank at the latest week, previous week, last four weeks, and other levels.

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