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How is the consumer evaluating you?

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Ratings & Reviews

Analyze the commonly used positive, neutral, and negative consumer reviews & ratings for your brand's product listings across eCommerce platforms that could be compared with the competition. Detect the review count of products on eCommerce platforms using eCommerce intelligence.

Q & A 

Consumers leave their product or brand queries under the most commonly asked questions section. These can enable brands to find the qualities most people are searching for and use the information for optimizing product pages. Using eCom intelligence, brands can detect the intensity of the commonly used words in the Q&A section and get a competitive advantage across platforms. Sellers that answer such queries regularly gain a higher market share. Therefore, setting real-time alerts for Q&A is advantageous. 

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Sentiment Analysis

Consumers share their emotions on eCommerce platforms after using the product. Their feedback is either positive, neutral, or negative. Therefore, brands need to know the sentiment intensity of the product listings on multiple eCommerce platforms to find areas of concern and appreciation while staying tuned with feedback on similar variants of competitors. 

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