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Search Analytics 

Is the SEO/SEM working for you?

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Keyword-Wise Performance

Evaluating the share of your brand's visibility versus the competition enables brands to find their top-performing keywords across search engines. Moreover, they can learn about the top-performing keywords of their competitors that they have not used in optimizing the product pages or haven't bid upon.

Bidding Pattern Analysis

Our solution measures the bidding performance of search ads for the brand versus its competition. It can create visibility for brands on the top three pages of the search pages. The insights also detect the bidding pattern of the brand versus its competition which is necessary to determine whether the brand is outbid on its ‘brand specific’ keywords. 

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Share of Voice - Search Engines

Evaluate the share of voice across eCommerce platforms, brands and competitors' websites on search engines. Brands with the highest visibility get greater brand awareness, add-to-cart actions, conversions/sales, etc.

Evaluate your brand's sponsored ads vis-a-vis the competition on generic, brand, and competition keywords. Textual analysis is available at search, website, sub-category, and other levels. This information can enable brands to detect USPs targeted by competitors.

Ad Copy Content Analysis

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