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Are your products being promoted?


Share of Visibility

Recognize the top brands visible in the category, sub-category, homepage, etc., of eCommerce platforms and evaluate aspects that can enhance your banner placements. Monitor share of visibility on multiple eCommerce platforms vis-à-vis competition.  

Competitive Communication Analytics

Find relevant aspects, such as discounts, promotions, combos, etc., that can increase brand communication on eCommerce platforms. Measure these vis-à-vis your top competitors to detect the key aspects of their banner communication and common communication criteria. 

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Flash Sale and Promotions

Analyze the type of promotion your competitors do and detect whether your ongoing banners have visibility on eCommerce platforms. You can check the type of banner used by the competitors and measure the results of your banners vis-à-vis the competition. 

Banner Placement Analysis

Get insights on your banner placements on eCommerce platforms vis-à-vis competition. 

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